Winter is here and seems like it’s not going anywhere. That means your family could be trapped inside, with your patio furniture and plants stored inside, while your landscape is being taken over by the snow. But why should you abandon your patio when it’s cold? Instead, use that extra space to make a cozy outdoor living area that will impress your guests. Here are five ways how you can winter-proof your outdoor patio to make it more comfortable when it’s cold. 

Land clearing is an essential step in many residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial projects. From preparing the land to building a home to ensuring tree and plant life flourish, strategic clearing makes your property more usable, accessible, safe, attractive, and, ultimately, valuable. Now, when to schedule this job? Winter is the best time to clear land. Let’s find out why.

This has been an unusual year in Asheville and Hendersonville North Carolina. Many residents have experienced numerous changes in their daily lives and schedules. One of the things that have not changed, however, is the steady improvement of property values in western North Carolina. For the last several decades, property has been at a premium in our area. Many people think of this as one of the most beautiful places to live in the south, but that is not all that is creating demand for housing and property. People are moving here for the culture, to start new businesses, and take on challenging and rewarding careers. Even with the ever-present cranes in the downtown skyline, it still seems like our area cannot keep up with the needs for new residences.

It is not just the big cities. The small satellite towns around Asheville and Hendersonville are growing as well. This is, in many ways, good news for property owners, at least as it pertains to property values. It seems like it would be almost impossible to do something that would hurt your property value significantly in the Asheville area; however, there are things homeowners do frequently that do indeed drive the value of their property down.

A long and difficult year is drawing to a close. We have reached the holiday season and Hendersonville area residents are excited to spend time with the people who matter most. While gatherings will likely be different than your typical holiday traditions, some return to normalcy is helpful. 

After a brilliant autumn array of color, you may feel like every lead fell into your yard. Even that part of the year is quickly fading, and Asheville residents are doing the last of their raking. You may have already mowed for the last time until spring as well. Is landscaping over until after Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day? Not necessarily. There are a number of projects to take on specifically during the dark winter months.

For property owners, whether residential, agricultural, commercial, or municipal, a critical step in many projects is land grading. If you need to complete this job before you can tackle the next phases of your project, it is worth taking some time to learn about ethical and environmental land grading. What is it - and why is it important to consider as you plan for the future of your property?