Landscape Lighting Services Hendersonville and AshevilleIf you want to make a change to your home that will impact safety, security, insurance rates - and enjoyment - then landscape lighting is the clear choice.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world! With dramatic mountain vistas, verdant fields, and jaw-dropping sights to enjoy during all four seasons, the Henderson, North Carolina and Greenville regions are undoubtedly wonderful places to live. Outfitting your property with landscape lighting enables you to enhance its aesthetic quality and get as much use out of your yard as possible. It can also boost safety and security, making this an investment that will yield excellent returns.

Landscape Lighting Services Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg

The primary purpose of landscape lighting is to illuminate focal points and allow you to enjoy your yard and garden any time of day or night. Garrett’s Landscape specializes in lighting systems that are unobtrusive and discreet, while at the same time highlighting key features, such as walkways, paths, trees, fountains, ponds, and more. We can help you choose efficient solutions that will minimize your costs while maximizing the visual impact. 

Landscape lighting can also compliment your security system (a dark home is an easy target), thus potentially lowering your insurance premiums. These are bonuses that you may enjoy in addition to the visual appeal. Additionally, lighting decreases the chance you, a household member, or a guest will trip and fall during an evening stroll or a nighttime party.

Garrett’s Landscape has over 30 years of experience; as a family-owned and operated business, we know how much “home” means to you. We strive to deliver not only the best solutions but the best service. If you are interested in lighting up your landscape, elevating your appeal, and even improving safety, contact our team today