Winter Is the Best Time To Clear Land

Winter Is the Best Time To Clear Land

Land clearing is an essential step in many residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial projects. From preparing the land to building a home to ensuring tree and plant life flourish, strategic clearing makes your property more usable, accessible, safe, attractive, and, ultimately, valuable. Now, when to schedule this job? Winter is the best time to clear land. Let’s find out why.


Land Clearing and Winter Weather

Winter is colder than other seasons. You’re welcome for that painfully obvious fact. But here’s why it’s a benefit when it comes to land clearing: the cold temperatures harden areas that are typically muddy in spring, summer, and fall. This means that the ground can support the heavy equipment needed to clear the land.

Another important factor is that precipitation and runoff are usually decreased in the cold months; this significantly reduces disturbance of the soil, making it easier and safer to work - while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Think Spring for Landscaping Projects

Many projects kick-off and ramp into high gear in the spring and summer. If you clear your land in the winter, you will be ready. Give yourself time to fully prepare your property for landscaping, planting, building, and other jobs. When warmer weather returns, you can hit the ground running (metaphorically speaking; please do not hit the ground). In fact, your safety is our number one priority, closely followed by your results. This is why land clearing is not a great DIY job.

Garrett’s Landscape & Grading has the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to ensure your land clearing process proceeds smoothly, minimizes impact on the environment, preserves beneficial plants and trees, and sets you up for success during the next phase of your project.

Contact Garrett’s today; there’s no time like winter to clear land, and we’ll be there to help.