5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Patio

5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Patio

Winter is here and seems like it’s not going anywhere. That means your family could be trapped inside, with your patio furniture and plants stored inside, while your landscape is being taken over by the cold. But why should you abandon your patio when it’s cold? Instead, use that extra space to make a cozy outdoor living area that will impress your guests. Here are five ways how you can winter-proof your outdoor patio to make it more comfortable when it’s cold. 


5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Patio

1. Invest in Patio Heaters

When winter comes around, staying warm doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. Patio heaters are a great investment for your backyard living room to keep you warm and toasty while enjoying the outdoors. There are different types of patio heaters, ranging in price and functionality. 

  • Freestanding Heaters: The most common patio heater used in commercial settings. Floor-length models give off a large amount of heat and cover a nine-foot radius. However, they take quite a bit of space and can set you back a few couple hundred dollars. 
  • Tabletop Patio Heaters: Looking for something more compact and affordable? The tabletop patio heater can be used to heat an area for a single table. They are smaller, more affordable, and definitely worth considering for your outdoor living space. 
  • Wall-Mounted Heaters: The most space-saving and efficient in warming your outdoor area as long as you have a wall or beam to attach them, tend to be the best deal. While freestanding and tabletop heaters run on propane, the wall and ceiling mounts rely on infrared heating technology. They require no hassle of tank changes by plugging into your home’s electrical supply.

2. Ignite With Fire Pits

Fire pits are an outdoor living accessory that can be served as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. It will keep you and your guests toasty while setting an intimate mood or charming ambiance that sparks conversation. Fire pits come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials that can match any outdoor living space. Homeowners who are looking for an open flame option can choose between a traditional wood-burning fire pit or a contemporary gas pit.

3. Weatherproof Your Furniture

When it comes to decorating your backyard, a few fresh details can make a difference between an empty garden space and a fully furnished outdoor room. Make your backyard patio inviting by creating a comfortable setting with ample setting, hardy fabric, and decor that completes your beautiful landscape. However, whether your furniture is made out of wicker, wood, metal fabric, or plastic, it may start to show its age with rust, mildew, or stains. Outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture because it needs to withstand weather conditions. Invest in weather-resistant patio furniture made of materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker that is built to withstand different weather conditions and last through many seasons. Bring in cushions and pillows and cover the furniture when it rains or snows. With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, your chairs, tables, and cushions will look beautiful for years to come.

4. Patio Cover or Pergola

During the winter months, you will most likely want a patio cover or pergola to keep snow, wind, rain, and hail from your outdoor living room and provide some protection. For the most comfortable outdoor living space for winter lounging and gathering, create a sturdy and reliable shelter that will keep the heat from escaping and hold out the cold.

5. Hire a Landscaping Professional

One of the many advantages of living in western North Carolina and South Carolina is the opportunity to enjoy your home’s landscape and outdoor living space year-round. Homeowners in Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg often have a beautiful view of mountain ridges, river, or forest that compliments their backyard. Whether you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or spending time in your favorite backyard, Garrett’s Landscape can help you take full advantage of your home’s outdoor living space by designing and installing a variety of systems like outdoor fire pits, landscape design, outdoor kitchens, and more. Our goal is to help each homeowner and their families to enjoy every part of their property every season. Contact us today for more information about how to make the most of your home and outdoor space.