If you love spending your summers puttering around the lawn, tending to your grass, growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit, and creating a perfect oasis on your own property, you may spend winter dreaming and waiting for warmer weather. But did you know that there are some steps you can take in the meantime to ensure a healthy, lush lawn come springtime? 

Ah, it’s winter with its picture-perfect vistas and snow-capped mountains. Do you love skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling? No? You’re out of luck then. You have to curl up on the couch and binge-watch Netflix Originals until spring. Or… you can get some fresh air and have fun. There are more than a few ways to enjoy the season. If hurtling down a mountain at 20 mph doesn’t do it for you, we know what will: the perfect winter-proof patio for your Asheville, NC home. 

The holiday season is upon us once more. Pressure to decorate is always high, but the time you have to do so may not always be as open. What are some easy ways to get complex decorations done quickly? How can you make sure your decorations are safe and secure without spending extra time on them? There are simple ways to do this. Many of these tips and tricks are useful throughout the year for other decorations, too!

In the past, Labor Day marked the end of being able to wear white. Today, it often means putting away the lawn and patio furniture as you get ready for cold weather. Guess it’s time to hunker down inside and wait for the cabin fever to kick in. Or… what if you turned your yard and patio into a year-round retreat? Let’s do it!

It's beautiful when the leaves start to change color: bright yellows, crisp oranges, and burning reds. They're even beautiful when they fall onto your lawn. At some point, you'll have to ask yourself if you should rake them up or just leave them where they are. Is one or the other healthiest for your lawn? If you hate raking, are you OK to just let those leaves be?