Wildfires Hendersonville NCForestry mulching is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and more efficient way to clear land. It does not involve burning, hauling, and disruption of topsoil and trees. This method is a far better alternative to land clearing or bush hogging. It is an environmentally friendly clearing technique by using nourishing mulch on the ground to help provide vital nutrients for the soil while suppressing unwanted plant species. You can get rid of overgrowth, brush, invasive species, clear a space in the woods, or clean up your property with this method. 

Forestry Mulching is ideal for: 

  • Lakefront lots
  • Brush removal
  • View enhancement
  • Wooded properties
  • Hillsides
  • Removal of hazardous wildfire fuel
  • Creek Banks
  • Survey Lines
  • And around ponds

The results provide superior erosion protection and reintroduce nutrients right back into the soil. 

Why Use Forestry Mulching?

There are three ways to clear the land of unwanted vegetation: chainsaw, forestry mulcher, and bulldozer. Using a bulldozer and hauler can be efficient but can be costly for equipment and labor. Hand-cutting and hauling have low equipment costs but are not as efficient and can end up with a high labor cost. Forestry mulching is the best choice for clearing land in environmentally friendly ways because it reduces fuel requirements and limits disturbance to soil or vegetation. It leaves the soil structure intact, and the mulch acts as an erosion barrier and natural soil enhancer. Also, it can be used to clean land in wet weather, steep slopes, or tight areas. 

Who Uses Forestry Mulching?

Farm and Landowners

Maintaining woodlands and farmlands can be time-consuming and exhausting jobs. Clearing and maintaining roads, pushing back brush, and having access to fence lines make the job easier and more efficient when using the forestry mulcher method. Some of the many ways you want to use forestry mulching are:

  • Trail and road overgrowth clearing
  • Trail and road construction
  • Pond clearing and maintenance
  • Field and pasture clearing 

Businesses and Commercial Properties

Forestry mulching can also be used to service commercial properties and landscaping to create and maintain your curb appeal. Forestry mulching can transform your property and bring value to your business. This method can treat and maintain your property in a more efficient way. Some forest mulching options include:

  • Golf course creation and maintenance
  • Commercial property maintenance
  • Viewscape clearing
  • Lot clearing and site preparation

What is Underbrush and How to Remove It

The underbrush is when bushes, shrubs, and small trees grow beneath large trees. Having underbrush on your property not only creates an undesirable appearance but also can be poisonous and increase the chance of a wildfire. Removing underbrush will improve the visual appearance of your lawn, plants, and property. If your property is looking somewhat shabby, look for undergrowth and have it cleared regularly by a professional. 

Clearing all of the underbrush can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools or experience to do the job. Leave it to Garrett’s Landscape & Grading to get the job done. We have experience in clearing underbrush and forest mulching. Contact us for more information about our services.