Lawn Irrigation Asheville, NCYour lawn is an important part of your home’s overall aesthetic. The beauty of your yard is part of what makes your house and property feel like home. If you live in beautiful Greenville or Spartanburg SC, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy and lush looking lawn. Garrett’s Landscape helps install and maintain irrigation systems to keep your lawn evenly and properly watered throughout the year.

Lawn Irrigation Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Lawn maintenance involves more than the occasional mow, especially if you want your outdoor space to be a place you, your family, and friends can enjoy. Take the hassle out of maintaining your lawn turf with a professionally-installed irrigation system. Irrigation systems can include rain sensors and are installed so they water only grass and plants -- not sidewalks or roads.

Irrigation system controls can also be set up to water in zones, as well as water on a specific schedule. Garrett's Landscape can also winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage in cold weather. Benefits of an irrigation system include:

  • Properly and evenly watered yard
  • Turf that your neighbors appreciate, and friends enjoy
  • No need to arrange “watering” during busy days or vacations
  • If properly installed, no need to worry about water roads, cars, and passing bicycles
  • Curb appeal and property value benefits

If you enjoy a beautiful lawn, contact Garrett’s Landscape about irrigation, landscaping design and installation, and lawn maintenance. We are here to help improve your outdoor spaces and keep them looking beautiful and functioning properly for you and your family.