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Land Grading Services Greenville, SC

What is land grading? After a site has been excavated, earth is cut from the land’s higher points and used to fill in the lower spots. The goal is to create a smooth surface that does not feature variations in elevation. This is critical whether you intended to lay a foundation or plant cover crops. A level base ensures you can take the next steps in utilizing your land optimally. 

Land grading can also be used to create a strategic slope that provides adequate drainage to your site. Properly grading the surface allows water to be directed away from the building. During heavy rainfalls, water will not accumulate around the foundation wreak havoc on cinder blocks or landscape vegetation, or result in interior flooding and water damage. If you are planting, strategic water drainage is also important in preventing soil erosion and conditions that negatively impact the health of your crops. Our land grading services provide long-term solutions to water drainage, helping you avoid costly and inconvenient issues down the road. 

Land grading is an important step in building suitable sites for building and/or planting and in ensuring that your property performs well year after year. Garrett’s Landscaping & Grading is committed to delivering the quality results our Greenville, SC clients need at a price they can afford. 

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