GAR Land grading lpGarrett’s Landscape & Grading: Henderson, North Carolina’s Trusted Go-To for Winter Land Clearing.

Do you have a Hendersonville, North Carolina property that you need to prepare for building, planting, or other projects? Do you simply want to increase the safety and aesthetics of your property or make it safer? Land clearing can help you accomplish all of these goals and more. Winter is the best time to launch your land clearing project, and Garrett’s Landscape & Grading will ensure you get the results you need. 

The Benefits of Land Clearing in Hendersonville, NC

Land clearing is an essential preliminary step in a variety of projects, and the benefits are many:

  • Land clearing prepares property for your application, whether it is building a home or preparing to install water and sewer lines.
  • This process improves the safety of the property by removing hazards, such as dead trees, rocks, etc.
  • When done strategically, land clearing allows beneficial trees and plant life to not only survive but thrive. Land clearing is not clear-cutting.
  • It helps protect native flora and fauna; when land is left to its own devices, invasive species can move in and negatively impact the microenvironment.
  • Land clearing can even help curb the spread of wildfires. By eliminating extraneous organic debris, you do not give the fire what it wants: fuel.

Winter Is the Best Time for Land Clearing

Winter’s colder temperatures allow the ground to harden; areas that are too muddy or soft during the warmer, wetter Hendersonville seasons can be reached with the heavy equipment necessary for land clearing. Additionally, runoff and precipitation typically lower at this point, so you reduce disruption to the soil.

Winter land clearing in Hendersonville also helps you prepare for the spring when you are likely to want to start your project. The Garrett’s Landscape & Grading team will make sure you are ready! Contact us today to learn more