Underbrushing Hendersonville NCWhat do you do when you have a property that you need to clear for building, planting, or other purposes - without disturbing delicate topsoil or desirable vegetation? Simple. Contact Garrett’s Landscape & Grading. Our team has the skill, expertise, and equipment necessary to do the job right. For professional underbrushing in the Hendersonville NC area, there’s no better choice.

Underbrushing Services Hendersonville, NC

Underbrushing is a vital service for property owners, developers, real estate agents, and others who want to:

  • Improve access 
  • Improve appearance (this is especially critical for those in real estate or property development)
  • Expand usability 
  • Increase value 
  • Reduce susceptibility to wildfire 

Garrett’s Landscape & Grading uses advanced forestry mulching and underbrushing techniques that clear undesirable scrub brush, vegetation, invasive species, dead trees, limbs, etc., Not only do these materials impeded access and usability, they can provide fuel to wildfires and prevent the healthy growth of forests. At the same time, our underbrushing services significantly mitigate damage for the delicate topsoil and do not interfere with delicate feeder root systems for areas that are to remain wooded. 

Conventional underbrushing often negatively impacts the property by increasing erosion, destroying desirable vegetation, trees, and habitats, stripping vital nutrients from the land, and leaving piles of debris to burn or haul away. You can avoid all of these drawbacks and focus on the benefits of cleared land.

Garrett’s Landscape & Grading works closely with you to understand your goals for the property and develop an effective underbrushing strategy. Whether it’s clearing a site for construction, optimizing it for planting cover crops or creating usable lawn from a wilderness of tangled undergrowth, we can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our underbrushing services in the Hendersonville, NC area.