Leaf removal Asheville and Hendersonville NCThe Appalachian Mountains are synonymous with Autumn color. Millions of tourists visit Asheville and Hendersonville for the changing colors of the leaves in our area. Residents and visitors alike are delighted to take photos at the many overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, as Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving and October fades into November and December, the leaves that were once so beautiful in your trees now cover the grown and hide your lawn and landscaping.

Garrett’s Landscape offers quality and trustworthy leaf removal services for residents of Asheville, Hendersonville and surrounding communities.

Leaf Removal Asheville and Hendersonville, NC

Leaf removal might seem like the type of chore you can do yourself. At the beginning of fall, you can send the kids out to rake the leaves into piles, and then they might play in the piles they raked. However, it is almost inevitable that the “fun” wears off and leaf maintenance becomes a problem. Even if you keep up with raking, what do with all those piles of leaves. Do not stress over raking leaves, contact Garrett’s Landscape for leaf removal services, so you can enjoy late fall and early winter activities such as:

  • Spending time with your family over the holidays
  • Hiking the thousands of miles of trails near Asheville
  • Enjoying the outdoor spaces, patios, and fire pits
  • Playing with new gifts
  • Sleeping in and making the most of holiday breaks

If you would like the best leaf removal services Asheville has to offer, contact Garrett’s Landscape. We are here to help families enjoy their yards and landscapes, turning chores into opportunities to spend time together.