Forestry Mulching and UnderbrushingIf you own land in western North Carolina and South Carolina, especially in the Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg areas, you have something special in your hands. As our area continues to grow and expand, land is becoming increasingly valuable. From many parts of these areas, you may be privy to incredible views of the surrounding mountains.

Nevertheless, if you have land to clear, you may be facing a laborious and complicated task. Garrett’s Landscape offers forestry mulching services that help residents of Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg make the most of their land with environmentally friendly practices.

Forestry Mulching and Underbrushing Hendersonville NC, Greenville SC, and Spartanburg SC

Turn your land clearing project into an environmentally and pragmatically effective mulching project that will ultimately reduce your hand-clearing labor and improve your overall landscape. Through landscape mulching, Garrett’s Landscape will help turn your underbrush and unusable land into mulch that feeds and protects your lawn and yard.

Keep weeds at bay in your plant beds and garden with forestry mulch. Garrett's Landscape mulches and edges plant beds with the highest quality mulch to nurture plants over the winter and keep pesky weeds from taking root. Quality mulch can also help keep weeds at bay, protect your plants against invasive species, and improve your lawn and landscape’s overall aesthetic. Should you ever sell your property, a well-mulched landscape will provide curb appeal that can improve and increase property value. For more information about our forestry mulching services in Hendersonville, Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas, contact Garrett’s Landscape.

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