Aeration Services Asheville and HendersonvilleYou now own a beautiful home in the Asheville or Hendersonville area. You are surrounded by some of the oldest and greenest forests on the East Coast, covering the mile-high ridges and spilling into the valleys that make this one of the most incredible parts of North Carolina to live. At any moment you can jump in the car and drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to hundreds of dramatic vistas, or hike on part of the thousands of miles of trails in our area.

Your home is one of the most outdoorsy cities in America. Nevertheless, the same problem that every homeowner has seems to plague your yard as well – despite your best efforts you cannot seem to achieve the lush green lawn you and your family want. Garrett’s Landscape provides landscape and lawn solutions for Asheville and Hendersonville area residents. Our aeration services may be just what your lawn needs.

Aeration Services Asheville and Hendersonville

Aeration is the process of perforating your yard’s soil with holes that allow nutrients, oxygen, and water to work their way all the way to the roots of your grass. Over time the soil in your yard will become compacted, blocking the roots from receiving what they need to make your grass thrive. Aeration in the fall allows much-needed water and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the soil, allowing turf grassroots to thrive. Deeper roots make for hardier grass, which in turn creates a lush, green yard to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy a lush green lawn in your Asheville or Henderson yard, contact Garrett’s Landscape today for more information about our aeration and landscape services.