Reusing Wood from Cleared Trees Hendersonville Nestled in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Henderson, North Carolina is as vibrant and dynamic as it is peaceful and tranquil. And, when you own property here, it is also an exceptional investment given the increasing value of land in the area. Clearing your land is an effective way to add even more value, to enhance the opportunities and possibilities for projects, and, of course, to increase your enjoyment as a property owner. And when you reuse the wood from cleared trees, you also improve the health of your land. Let the experts at Garrett’s Landscape & Grading help you achieve all of these goals. 

How to Repurpose Wood from Cleared Trees in Hendersonville

Ethical land clearing allows you to prepare your property for building, planting, or other purposes. Our selective methods leave important feeder roots and keeper trees intact and are not harmful to even soft, vulnerable land. Because stumps and stems are cut flush to the ground, you have an even surface that you can begin utilizing immediately. 

Felled trees that are left behind can serve different purposes. Depending on the quantity and quality, it can be processed into lumber. Why not incorporate beautiful boards into your siding or fencing? It can also be cut and seasoned for firewood. Long winter nights are much cozier in front of the woodstove or fireplace! 

Another option is to repurpose the wood as mulch. Doing so leaves a rich layer of nutrients that are organically reintroduced into the ground. This improves the health of the land and adds a lovely aesthetic in its own right. Mulching also eliminates the cost and hassle of having organic debris hauled away from your property.

Reusing wood from your Hendersonville property is an excellent way to give back to the land! Contact the Garrett’s Landscape & Grading team to learn more about ethical clearing and forestry mulching. A healthier, more usable, and more attractive landscape is within reach.