Trust Garrett’s Landscaping & Grading for Beautiful PracticalityThere is nothing more satisfying than tackling landscaping jobs that help transform an ordinary yard into an extraordinary oasis. This is your corner of the world to shape, nurture, and enjoy. Retaining walls are an important element to consider, and they deliver a number of benefits that will enhance your property well into the future. 

The Garrett’s Landscape & Grading team has extensive experience in building retaining walls that not only increase functionality but that add incredible beauty to your property. We are proud to serve the Asheville area - and to help you turn your landscape into a masterpiece. 

Trust Garrett’s Landscaping & Grading for Beautiful Practicality

Retaining walls help keep soil in place. For example, when you have small hills or banks, they form a barrier that prevents soil from sliding forward. These structures provide essential support and help retain nutrients in the ground. Retaining walls also prevent erosion and provide essential flood control, all of which are important considerations when we’re dealing with our South Carolina weather and rainfall.

Another benefit of retaining walls is that they can maximize usable space in your yard. Creating terraces and sequences of retaining walls allows you to add more functional space for planting, patios, play areas, and gardens. All of this and they are elegant in their own right. A concrete or stone structure provides a great contrast to the lush scenery and acts as a complement to your other landscaping elements.

If your landscaping would benefit from a functional, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, contact the experts. Garrett’s Landscape & Grading is here to help you achieve your goals - and most importantly, enjoy your surroundings! Get in touch with us today.