GAR LP Jan LawncareTop 4 Tips for Healthy Lawn Care

The popular saying, “The grass is greener on the other side,” represents an unknown world full of possibilities on the other side of the fence. But in this case, it could mean your neighbor’s yard. You also can also have a beautiful green lawn that enhances your home’s look and personal enjoyment for outdoor activities. However, creating and maintaining a healthy lawn takes more time and work than you might think. Weekly maintenance such as mowing, special treatment, and regular care is hardworking labor and can be time-consuming. Don’t worry; your dreams of having a perfect lawn are still within reach with these top 4 healthy lawn care tips. 

  • Know Your Soil

If you are planning to get serious about lawn care, it’s crucial to get to know your soil type because it can determine how healthy your lawn will grow. Soil provides your plants with vital nutrients, water, and air that requires for healthy growth and development. The earth’s surface is a blend of minerals, organics, and inorganic matter that largely affects what crops, shrubs, or trees can grow. You can test your soil to figure out the soil type and what nutrients it requires to maintain a beautiful lawn. Adding ground lime to your soil will make the ground more acidic. If your soil is low in nutrients, try using organic matter such as compost, manure, and mulches to enrich the soil and improve its texture. 

  • Seed and Feed Your Grasses Well

When seeding a new area, overseeding your lawn, or thickening existing grass, it requires great timing. You should plan your seeding with seasonal grass growth and research when the best time to plant grass in your area. Also, take the time to learn about different seeding products because companies may sell seeds with contents that may surprise you. Buying from a trustworthy brand will have you enjoying a sustainable lawn and increase resistance to drought, diseases, and insect pests. 

  • Practice Lawn Mowing

Knowing how to properly mow your lawn can make a difference between a healthy-looking lawn and a lawn that looks weak. Follow proper lawn mowing techniques like mowing based on grass growth and not the day of the week can leave your lawn looking thick, lush, and finished. Grass heights vary according to each grass type and the season. Some grasses are best kept short, while other types need more height. To make the mowing task easier and less time-consuming, invest in the right turf tools for the job based on your lawn size and your goals. Improper mowing habits can expose your lawn to environmental stresses such as heat and drought.

  • Hire Landscape and Maintenance

You could tackle most of the yard work yourself, or you could leave it up to the professionals. Garrett’s Landscape is passionate about helping your lawn become healthy with our professional experience in landscape installation, design, and maintenance. Our team of lawn specialists is dedicated to bringing out the beauty of your lawn at a price you can afford. Located in Hendersonville, NC Garrett’s Landscape maintains a strong reputation in the western South Carolina and North Carolina landscaping industry, and has gained the trust and loyalty of our countless clients. We promise to ensure your lawn will be properly taken care of with the highest quality in lawn maintenance. Contact us for more information about lawn maintenance in the Greenville, Hendersonville, and Spartanburg areas.