landscape property valueProperty values in western South Carolina continue to be on the rise. Our area continues to grow and welcomes thousands of new residents every year, with no signs of slowing down. Even during the pandemic, we continue to see people find there is nowhere better to live than Greenville and Spartanburg.

If you have a home or property owner in western South Carolina, you have likely seen the value of your property continue to grow. Even if you are not preparing to sell in the imminent future, you want to make sure you are always contributing to making your landscaping better. The appearance of your yard and landscaping is one of the biggest impacts on curb appeal. When it is time to put your property on the market, you do not want to be caught needing to spend time, energy, and money on landscaping that is far behind what it should be. Here is how you can help make sure your landscaping improves your property value.

How Your Landscaping Can Improve Your Property Value

If your landscape is unkempt and ugly, it is going to hurt the value of your property. However, cleaning up your lawn and yard and adding some key elements to your land and property can help improve curb appeal. 

Some helpful projects include:

Trees and Shrubbery: Beautiful trees and shrubbery replacing old and dying greenery can vastly improve curb appeal. 

Planting Areas: Flowers and other smaller plants provide a beautiful accent to your home and yard.

Retaining Walls and Boulder Walls: Not only do these walls prevent erosion and improve drainage, but they can also add significant beauty to your property.

Water Features: Ponds and waterfalls connect the beauty of your yard to that of the surrounding area, thus adding significant value to your home and property.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Adding quality patio pavers, fire pits, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens, and generally making your lawn and yard a place in which your family will spend time can significantly positively impact your home’s property value.

Outdoor Lighting: Like outdoor living spaces and retaining walls, the right lighting provides both beautiful form and incredible function. 

Landscaping has a profound effect on the value of your property. Is your home’s landscaping helping or hurting your property value? If you want to make sure that it is as beautiful as the neighborhood and surrounding region, Garrett’s Landscape is here to help. Our professional team designs in installs that kind of beautiful landscaping that will only make your property increase in value. Contact us for more information about how we can help beautify your yard and make your landscaping something you can enjoy for years to come.