Trusted Landscaping Services in Hendersonville, NCHenderson, NC is renowned for its natural beauty, stunning scenery, and sweeping vistas. Make the most of it with exceptional landscape design and maintenance. The professionals at Garrett’s Landscaping & Grading can turn an ordinary yard or property into an extraordinary space that meets your unique goals. Whether you want low-maintenance design, custom gardens, or opportunities for outdoor living, we will work with you to achieve outstanding results. 

Trusted Landscaping Services in Hendersonville, NC

Garrett’s can help you as much or as little as you want to achieve the ideal landscape or hardscape. Our services include design, plant selection, installation, maintenance, and grading. The possibilities are exciting:

  • Install paver patios to create comfortable living spaces and add dimension to your landscaping design. Pavers will also help water drain more efficiently into the soil.
  • Create outdoor living spaces that incorporate dynamic materials and allow you to enjoy beautiful kitchen space, fire pits, water features, and seating.
  • Shape and prepare your land for seed or sod with finish grading. This gives you a smooth foundation on which to build a gorgeous lawn.
  • Use water more wisely with a properly designed drainage system that allows you to harvest water to use in your landscaping.
  • Ensure proper drainage and healthy soil with our erosion control services.
  • Install retaining walls, border walls, and boulder walls to create more usable space and add decorative elements to your landscape.
  • Install lighting for added safety and to add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor spaces.

We also provide the regular maintenance services you need for a beautiful, healthy landscape, including aeration, leaf removal, mulching with pine needles, and storm cleanup.

For the most professional, reliable, and effective landscaping services in Hendersonville, NC, contact Garrett’s Landscaping & Grading. We are committed to ensuring you achieve your unique goals and enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces all year long.