Western South Carolina is a beautiful place to live and own a home. If you own property in Greenville or Spartanburg, you understand the importance of making sure your landscape complements the natural beauty of western South Carolina. Whether you are a new homeowner or want to upgrade your home’s landscape, here are 7 quick and easy DIY landscaping projects that can elevate your home’s outdoor space. 

  • Layer Your Plants

Try this trick by leveling your plants, flowers, and shrubs around your home. You simply start by staggering the heights of your landscape that will add visual depth to your lawn and frame your home.

  • Make Your Mulch

Are you tired of buying piles of bags of mulch? Adding mulch can be costly and not that interesting, however, it’s essential for keeping your plants healthy. You can save time and money by making DIY mulch from materials you already have around your yards such as lawn clippings, tree branches, and compost. 

  • Build a Retaining Wall

One of the ways to combat soil erosion in your yard is to build a retaining wall. Having a retaining wall is beneficial because it provides a firm foundation for the soil to rest on and prevent your yard from thinning down from heavy rain. Use interlocking blocks when building your wall to keep it long-lasting and sturdy. 

  • Welcoming Walkway

If you want to add style and structure to your home’s landscape, design a custom walkway that is eye-catching and inviting to your home. Use pavers, gravel, or repurpose brick and stone to develop stunning walkways that have guests feeling welcomed.

  • Create Privacy

Are your neighbors too close, or you simply want to add privacy between homes? A popular fencing alternative that can get you more privacy is by planting large evergreen trees or tall shrubs around the borders of your property. Not only does it provide more greenery, but it’s environmentally friendly.

  • Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your walkway with outdoor lighting such as lanterns, flush lighting, or garden lamps to enhance your pathways. You can add solar spotlights in front of trees, flowers, or shrubs and even utilize underwater lighting with your water features to make them stand out at night. 

  • Build a Rock Garden

If plants aren’t your thing or you don’t have the time or effort to invest in taking care of them, a rock garden is an easy and low maintenance solution. You can use a variety of stones of different textures, sizes, and colors to form your amazing rock garden. 

Whether you DIY your landscape projects or decide to call in the professionals, Garrett’s Landscape can help bring your ideal yard to life. Our team has over 30 years of experience and knowledge to design a landscape that is easy to maintain and thrive throughout the year. Contact us if you own property in Hendersonville, Greenville, or the Spartanburg areas for more information about designing your perfect outdoor space.