What Is Forestry Mulching in Western North Carolina?Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that emphasizes efficiency and environmental responsibility. If you have a property that you want to clear to use for building, for garden or landscaping space, for crops, or for other applications, Garrett’s Landscape & Grading is here to help. Forestry mulching techniques can help you accomplish a number of key goals - and our experienced team will ensure your project is well-positioned for success. 

What Is Forestry Mulching in Western North Carolina?

This technique uses a single machine to clear away unwanted vegetation while leaving feeder roots and keeper trees intact and unharmed. Forestry mulching is selective in terms of what it clears. But what does it leave behind? A rich layer of mulch that is not only aesthetically pleasing but beneficial to the health of the land. The broken-down vegetation is reintroduced to the soil, providing essential nutrients. Additionally, the mulch offers exceptional protection against erosion and even wildfires.

Forestry mulching is not only more environmentally responsible than other clear-cutting techniques, it is far more flexible and convenient. For example, our team can work in densely wooded areas that are inaccessible by larger machines, and we can also operate our equipment on softer, more vulnerable surfaces year-round. This method is far more cost-effective and efficient than using chainsaws, tractors, bulldozers, loaders, and haulers.

At the same time, all stumps and stems are flush to the ground, ensuring you have a surface on which you can immediately build on, drive over, mow, or seed. We do not leave scarred or burned areas in our wake, and again, we protect vulnerable feeder roots and keeper trees.

Forestry mulching is ideal for:

  • Clearing and creating nature trails, hunting areas, bike paths, etc.
  • Clearing rights-of-way
  • Removing trees
  • Removing invasive species 
  • Clearing property lines and fence lines
  • Beautifying your lot
  • Preventing wildfires
  • Saving money on hauling and disposing of organic debris 

If your project involves land clearing, contact Garrett’s Landscape & Grading. Our forestry mulching services deliver a variety of benefits - and you’ll realize superior results for your project.