Ethically Clearing Land Asheville Selective, and ethical, land clearing is an important process for many Asheville landowners. In addition to allowing you to utilize your property to its fullest advantage, it can enhance the soil and better the environment in which you live. The experts at Garrett’s Landscape & Grading are committed to meeting the needs of your project - and the land.

What Is Ethical Land Clearing?

When many people think of “land clearing,” they think of clear-cutting. They imagine wide swaths of devastated earth, burned and scarred land, and surfaces that look like they have been ravaged. Methods that rely on bulldozers, loaders, tractors, chainsaws, and haulers can also damage the land, particularly if it is densely wooded or softer and more vulnerable.

By contrast, ethical clearing is agile, flexible, and convenient. Our team can work in areas that are not easily accessible by larger machines, and we are meticulous in our process to ensure that vital feeder roots and keeper trees are not harmed. Additionally, forestry mulching techniques leave behind a rich layer of nutrient-rich organic matter that will feed your property and promote healthy growth. 

Land clearing is essential for creating an environment that is conducive to building, planting, or other purposes. But it need not be damaging to the land. In fact, ethical clearing can deliver a host of benefits, including effective erosion control and wildfire protection. 

When you own property in Asheville, North Carolina, you not only live in one of the most beautiful locations in the country, you have made an excellent investment. Boost your returns, and your enjoyment, with ethical land clearing. Contact Garrett’s today to learn how we can help you.