Drainage and Water Harvesting Asheville, NCThere are few places in the world as enjoyable to live as Hendersonville, NC. One of the factors that attract thousands of people to the area each year is the weather. With an elevation of about 2,000 feet, the principal city of Henderson County is measurably cooler and less humid than neighboring cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. Winter is still cold enough to produce significant snowfall events most years, though there is rarely a snowpack as temperatures moderate and cause it to melt. Spring and fall feature spectacular colors that attract millions of tourists.

Western North Carolina experiences about 45 inches of annual precipitation each year. With our diverse terrain, draining that water away from your home is often a challenge. Garrett’s Landscape is here to help Hendersonville and Greenville residents with drainage and water harvesting.

Drainage and Water Harvesting Hendersonville, NC

Conventional drainage involves getting water away from a home as fast as possible. Plants, trees, the slope of your yard, and other factors will determine your yard’s drainage needs. Improperly draining water can lead to flash flooding, water damage, and the development of unwanted pests. At the same time, a properly designed drainage system can also allow you to harvest that water for use in your landscaping and garden. Water harvesting can include terraces, ponds, and dry creek beds. If you want more information about drainage, water harvesting, and your landscape, contact Garrette’s Landscape in Hendersonville, NC.

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