When You Should Begin Land Grading Projects?

When You Should Begin Land Grading Projects?

When should you start land grading projects? No time like the present! Spring and summer offer optimal conditions - and time afterward to build, plant, seed, sow, and utilize your property to its optimal potential. Land grading offers a number of benefits, and we are here to help you realize each of them in order to accomplish your specific goals. 


What Does“Grading” A Property Mean?

Grading a property simply means that you are leveling the surface. If you have dips and valleys, for example, soil from higher points will be transferred and distributed to lower points. A level surface gives you an optimal starting point for your project, whether you are building a home or other structure, planting a garden, establishing a landscape, configuring a hardscape, or sowing the seeds for agriculture. In some cases, we will need to bring in clean fill, or additional dirt/soil, in order to get you that great foundation.

Depending on your specific project, we can also grade the land on a slope. For example, if you want to funnel rainwater away from your home, we can create a slope that diverts it down and away from the structure to avoid damaging your foundation, buildings, growing fields, or landscaping.

Land grading projects involve big earth-moving machinery, such as Bobcats. But they also require finesse: ensuring that the land has proper drainage, smooth surfacing, and adequate topsoil installation is essential in laying a sound foundation for future projects.

Need Re-Grading?

Re-grading may be necessary as well. Storms and wind - very common in our neck of the woods - carry topsoil away from the property. This not only creates an uneven surface, it strips nutrients away from the soil and can erode building foundations.

The winter season can also be damaging to land surfaces. Whether your land has endured repeated plowings or freezing cycles, the soil can become compacted. This means that it is not optimal for planting - and this includes sowing a beautiful, green lawn.

When should you re-grade? The quick answer is when the soil is workable. This depends on the location; for us, this means spring and summer.

Not a DIY Job

In many cases, land grading is not a do-it-yourself job. One of the biggest reasons is that there are local and regional regulations in play that impact digging near pipelines and buried power lines. Professional grading services will ensure that the area is safe to process, and they will comply with applicable laws and guidelines. Experts also know the soil itself. They understand cause and effect, meaning that they will plan grading projects so that you achieve your intended goals while avoiding any unintended consequences. 

When should you begin land grading projects? The typical answer is spring or summer. When should you speak to Garrett’s Landscape & Grading about your project? Now. There’s no time like the present to prepare for your project. Contact us today so we can help you achieve your goals for tomorrow.