Seven Tips for Decorating Your Home and Patio

Seven Tips for Decorating Your Home and Patio

The holiday season is upon us once more. Pressure to decorate is always high, but the time you have to do so may not always be as open. What are some easy ways to get complex decorations done quickly? How can you make sure your decorations are safe and secure without spending extra time on them? There are simple ways to do this. Many of these tips and tricks are useful throughout the year for other decorations, too!

7 Home and Patio Holiday Decoration Tips 

1. Remember to Test Your Lights

You just climbed up on the ladder to hang a string of holiday lights. You worked to get them just so. That's a lot of effort, but it'll all be worth it when you plug them in and...they don't work. You didn't test them first. A single light not functioning can make a whole string of lights useless. Don't realize this after you've done all the work.

Test those lights first! Sit down where it's warm and plug each string into an outlet in turn. This lets you know which strings are still working, and which might need a quick fix or total replacement.

2. Holiday Light Fasteners

Holiday lights often hang on nails – but what do you drive those nails into? The usual answer is the side of your house or aluminum elements that really shouldn't be punctured. This damages your home, lets moisture seep in, and creates areas that can store dirt and moisture. That can spur the growth of mold and mildew.

There are great alternatives to pounding nails into the soft bits of your home. Lighting clips are made to help support lights without puncturing anything. An inexpensive alternative is using clothespins. Use enough to support the weight of the lights, and they'll stay safe and secure until you decide to take them down again.

3. Zip Ties Work for Nearly Everything

Strings of lights and other decorations that wind their way around the home can be quickly fastened with zip ties. This helps protect against a wayward string of lights on the stairs tripping someone up. By fastening your decorations at regular intervals, you protect both the decorations and your family from harm.

4. Wreath Season

You can hang a wreath on a nail or screw, but that leaves an ugly hole in the middle of these doors for the rest of the year. Wreath hangers work by hooking the wreath on one end and hooking over the top of the door on the other. You may not always be able to find the right length, though. That can leave a wreath hanging too high or low, or an ugly metal hook looking very obvious.

Another way to do this is to drive a screw partway into the top of the door. No one ever looks at what's here. Connect a piece of fishing line to your wreath and tie it around the screw. Then drive the screw in the rest of the way. The fishing line is essentially invisible but can hold up something as heavy as a wreath without problems.

5. Lost Wire Hooks

The wire hooks that ornaments use are flimsy and sharp. They're easy to lose, which makes them a hazard for both children and pets. It's a great idea to use paper clips instead. If you drop them, they're easier to find. They're also both sturdier and more flexible. That means they're less likely to drop off or break, and it's easier to adjust them to fit around a tree branch.

6. Holiday Plants

Holiday plants are a beautiful way to celebrate this time of year. Poinsettias are the most famous because of their rich, red, velvety look. Amaryllis comes in a range of reds that pour energy into your home. PaperWhites have a clean, white look (like a sheet of paper), and their brightness can help chase away the winter blues.

You can also bring clips of holly, ivy, and mistletoe for extra decorations. They each evoke the season with exceptional beauty. Just make sure children and pets don't get to munching on these plants. Some can make you nauseous if eaten. Enjoy them with the eyes, not the stomach!

7. Remote Control Lighting

It's a pain to pile on winter clothing just to rush outside and turn the lights on. Set them on a timer or use a remote control to turn them on from the comfort and warmth of your home.

You can go a step beyond and set up your indoor lighting the same way. Whether it's holiday lights or just your home lights and lamps, being able to adjust them to fit the time of day or mood you're in can bring a lot of calm and comfort.

We wish you a very happy holiday season! Put these tips into place, and it’ll be a bit less stressful too. Contact us for landscape help in Asheville and Hendersonville, NC.