Three Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Designer

Three Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Designer

There’s nothing quite like digging in the dirt, planting seeds and seeing them sprout, and watching the fruits of your labor (whether literal fruit or veggies, herbs, or flowers) grow. But we don’t often have the luxury of spending hours each day - or even each week - creating our own garden paradise. The right landscape designer, though, can help you bring your vision to life.

How do you choose the right professional to care for your lawns, gardens, walkways, terraces, water features, patios, and other outdoor living spaces? Some helpful tips:

Get Your Own Plans In Order

It’s time to scour gardening and landscape magazines, gather photos of looks you love, and, if you’re the type, start pinning on Pinterest. Decide what you want in your landscape design. Do you picture a wandering walkway lined with bright flowers? A flowing water feature? A backyard “farm”-to-table setup? Drought-resistant plants and hardscaping elements?

Know what you want for your space. It will then be easier to describe your needs and select a landscape designer who has experience and skill in these specific areas. You can go all out and create a plan with written and visual descriptions. This will help you more easily convey your ideas and compare designers and prices.

Make A List of Landscape Designers In Your Area - And Prune It

Start with a broad view: Google will help. But then whittle it down. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and others in your area who have engaged landscape design companies. Were they satisfied? Would they recommend these services? If you see a yard that you really love, ask your neighbors who did it!

Create a short list of two or three designers and contact them for an estimate. Garrett’s Landscape will do this for you for free.

Look for the Qualities/Service You Value Most

It’s not a matter of picking a name out of a hat. Your landscape means so much more! This is your home, your space, and it should be your pride and joy. Choose a landscape designer that can deliver on your expectations. Look for:

Experience. Ask the landscape designers on your short list to provide references - and be sure to check them! Look at their website to see their work and if it suits your tastes and preferences. Additionally, see if they have any training, credentials, coursework, and certifications in relevant areas.

Licensing/Bonding. Make sure the professionals are properly licensed and bonded. You can check with the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board to ensure that they have the level of licensing and bonding they need to perform your work.

Liability Insurance. This is important. Imagine if a landscaper or crew member accidentally cuts a gas line or fells a tree into your home? They need to carry at least enough in liability insurance to cover your home.

Range of Services.  Look at what each company offers in terms of services. If you need more than mowing and weeding, find providers who deliver installation, maintenance, drainage, leaf removal, aeration, retaining walls, storm cleanup, mulching, and more. Even if you do not require these at this time, you may want to expand your landscaping design in the future. Having a partner that can scale up with you is helpful.

Green Services. If you want to go green in every aspect of your landscaping efforts, make sure you choose a designer/contractor who is skilled in soil preparation, plant selection, water conservation, and water harvesting, non-chemical fertilizers and anti-pest solutions, erosion control, irrigation, and more.

Above all, look for a landscape contractor who listens to your ideas, asks questions, poses solutions, and offers suggestions. This is a team effort! Take advantage of their expertise, and work together to create a beautiful outdoor space

Finding the right landscape designer will help you achieve the vision for your yard that you have in mind. Beautify your home, boost your curb appeal, create the refuge from the world that you want. It’s all possible. If you are ready to improve your landscape, contact us today.