That Uncleared Land Could Be a Fire Hazard

That Uncleared Land Could Be a Fire Hazard

Uncleared land is full of fire hazards. It can pose a risk for your home and surrounding land and properties. In certain cases, it can even pose a legal risk in the event of a fire. It's important to have overgrowth, dead trees, and other potential fuel sources removed. A fire spreads where there's fuel to consume, and cleared land significantly reduces fire’s “food source,” if you will.


Defensible Space

Uncleared land is not what's called a “defensible space”. The idea of a defensible space is that your home is surrounded by an area where the fire will slow, if not stop altogether. This is because there's nothing for it to burn in that space. The larger the defensible space, the less likely the fire is to make the jump across to your home.

Of course, in nature just about everything can burn. Defensibility can often stall a fire out, but even when it can slow the fire substantially, it can make the difference between people getting out safely and not. It can make the difference between fire departments having the time to put a stop to the blaze, versus losing your home.

It's best to have 100 feet of defensible land around your residence. Does this mean 100 feet of clear wasteland, with no trees or growth of any kind? Of course not. A land clearing project doesn't strip the land bare. Experts make an assessment of what makes a property vulnerable. Dead trees will be removed. Living ones should stay, but they may need a trim here or there. Bramble, underbrush, and debris both natural and manmade should often go. Living plants that don't serve as ready fuel sources should stay. If pruning them is prudent, that will happen.

A Project Starts with a Plan

A clearing project is formed with you as the property owner. You'll be as involved with the plan as you want to be. Land clearing isn't about simply going through and cutting anything and everything. A plan helps ensure that the job is done to the letter and according to your expectations. What you want to remain, remains. What you want gone is gone.

How long does it take? Each property has different demands, but land clearing actually goes rather quickly. Most property owners are surprised at its speed, but this is what experience and planning ahead brings to the table. You'll know upfront before the project's started how long it's expected to take.

Will tools and trucks rip up the rest of your property? No. Land clearing helps reduce fire risk, but it also aids with the attractiveness of your property. It wouldn't make sense to disturb the rest of your property to make another part of it look better. The industrial tools that are used can be brought in without damage to the rest of the property since most of what's used is small enough to be carried. This means the rest of your property remains undisturbed. The goal is to leave everything safer and looking better than when the project started.

Additional Benefits of Land Clearing

There are additional benefits to land clearing beyond fire safety and the attractiveness of your property. It can make your property much safer in other ways. Potential deadfalls and falling hazards can be filled and dangerous elements of a property can be removed or reigned in as you see fit. This can help keep you and your family safe from accidents, while also reducing your potential legal liability to guests.

Beyond this, land clearing can also reduce your risks of a pest problem. Dead wood is exceptionally attractive to many forms of pests, from termites and spiders to snakes and mice. Removing this potential pest habitat means that pests won't get as close to your home or view it as a place to find potential food.

Tree stumps and ditches also make ideal mosquito breeding grounds. This is because they hold onto water and shelter it so it remains still. It doesn't take much to form a mosquito breeding ground. A clearing project addresses these so that you see less mosquito activity during the summer.

Other landscaping jobs can be done at the same time if you wish. This helps multiple major projects get done at once, and by combining them allows them to be accomplished more affordably.

Uncleared land is a fire hazard that poses a danger to your family and property. It's unattractive. It can pose additional safety risks. It can be a haven for pests that can start to get into your home. It serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are so many reasons to clear that land, in a way that's swift and easy to manage. Why would you still let uncleared land sit as it is?

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