Landscaping That Helps Your Property Value

Landscaping That Helps Your Property Value

This has been an unusual year in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Many residents have experienced numerous changes in their daily lives and schedules. One of the things that has not changed, however, is the steady improvement of property values in western North Carolina. For the last several decades, property has been at a premium in our area. Many people think of this as one of the most beautiful places to live in the south, but that is not all that is creating demand for housing and property. People are moving here for the culture, to start new businesses, and take on challenging and rewarding careers. Even with the ever-present construction, it still seems like our area cannot keep up with the needs for new residences.

It is not just the big cities. The small satellite towns around Hendersonville are growing as well. This is, in many ways, good news for property owners, at least as it pertains to property values. It seems like it would be almost impossible to do something that would hurt your property value significantly in the Henderson area; however, there are things homeowners do frequently that do indeed drive the value of their property down.


Even if you are not necessarily planning to sell in the near future, you do not want to end up in a situation where you have to invest a lot of money to prepare your house to put on the market when the time comes. In this article, we want to help property owners in western North Carolina and South Carolina take the right steps overtime to make sure their landscaping is helping their property value.

Ugly Yards Hurt Curb Appeal

If your yard is not well-kept, it is absolutely hurting your curb appeal and property value. Here are some common ugly landscaping errors:

  • High grass and the presence of an abundance of weeds
  • Unkempt shrubbery that needs to be trimmed
  • Dead or dying trees that need attention 
  • Climbing vines that seem to have no purpose or clear direction
  • Greenery creeping up onto sidewalks and driveways
  • Fallen trees and storm debris
  • Outdoor living spaces that have not been lived in and on in quite some time
  • Landscaping that is so large it blocks any clear view of the home. 

Sometimes your landscaping becomes an eyesore without you noticing; however, the culprit of ugly landscaping is often a result of moving out before you sell your home. It is easy to forget your landscaping in your unoccupied yard after you or a tenant moves out. However, your landscaping is one of the first things a potential buyer will see (or renter) and can rule out your property immediately. Ugly landscaping will hurt your property value.

Landscaping Projects That Improve Property Value

Here are some projects you can take on overtime that will improve your property value and improve your overall ownership experience:

Land Grading and Leveling: Making your yard level and improving drainage can help improve your ownership experience and property value.

Trees and Shrubbery: Beautiful trees and shrubbery replacing old and dying greenery can vastly improve curb appeal. 

Planting Areas: Flowers and other smaller plants provide a beautiful accent to your home and yard.

Retaining Walls and Boulder Walls: Not only do these walls prevent erosion and improve drainage, but they can also add significant beauty to your property.

Water Features: Ponds and waterfalls connect the beauty of your yard to that of the surrounding area, thus adding significant value to your home and property.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Adding quality patio pavers, fire pits, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens, and generally making your lawn and yard a place in which your family will spend time can significantly positively impact your home’s property value.

Outdoor Lighting: Like outdoor living spaces and retaining walls, the right lighting provides both beautiful form and incredible function. 

For western North Carolina property owners who care about their homes, yards, and overall curb appeal, Garrett’s Landscape is here to help. We have decades of experience performing high-quality landscape design and installation projects for residents of Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg. We have seen these areas grow tremendously, and don’t anticipate any change in that. If you are ready to make your landscape match the beauty of your home and the surrounding region, contact Garrett’s Landscape today.