How to Enjoy Your Yard and Patio in Late Fall and Winter 

How to Enjoy Your Yard and Patio in Late Fall and Winter 

In the past, Labor Day marked the end of being able to wear white. Today, it often means putting away the lawn and patio furniture as you get ready for cold weather. Guess it’s time to hunker down inside and wait for the cabin fever to kick in. Or… what if you turned your yard and patio into a year-round retreat? Let’s do it!

Create a Cozy Year-Round Escape

North Carolina doesn’t face the same types of winters as our neighbors to the north, but it does get cold, we do get snow, ice, and rain, and we do start to go stir crazy if we can’t get outside! To remedy this and create a year-round oasis in your backyard or patio:

Get Under Cover

If your porch, deck, or patio has a cover, that’s half the battle! If not, consider building a simple roof structure or installing an awning (just be sure to clear it off if we get any snow accumulation). The space does not need to be fully enclosed, but it is helpful to have cover against the elements and to protect your outdoor furniture/equipment. You can also opt to construct a gazebo or pergola to become the new star of your backyard. 

Get Fired Up

Fire pits, stone or brick fireplaces, chimineas, and other fire features are available in a wide array of styles, sizes, and price points. They make a terrific focal point for outdoor entertaining. Not only are they practical (sitting near one is unbelievably cozy!), but they add atmosphere and mood to your fall and winter days/evenings. (Plus… s’mores.) 

Cook Up Some Fun

Outdoor kitchens are hot: while the sky's the limit in terms of features, you can also go simple. From a regular grill to a full range/refrigerator/sink/bar/ setup, introducing kitchen elements to your outdoor space increases its versatility - and your enjoyment. (Plus… s’mores!)

Have a Seat

Arrange some patio or outdoor furniture into conversation areas: again, the fire feature is your best bet as far as focal points go. If you’re having a big Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, just go with some square hay bales for seating or do BYOLC (bring your own lawn chair). Keep a box of fluffy blankets in your hallway closet to hand out and use as necessary. 

All-Natural Outdoor Decor

When you’re planning your garden and landscaping, don’t forget about fall and winter. Sure, the blooms of spring and summer are gorgeous but think about how you can get vibrant color in the colder seasons. Japanese maple, birch, oak, Hilspire red cedar, Sarcococca

(sweet box shrub), and dogwood are our top picks for winter beauty. Introduce some pops of color with holly (red), winter jasmine (yellow), and viburnum (various colors).

This winter, don’t miss out on the beauty of the great outdoors. You’ll find it delivers a completely different type of enjoyment than you experience in spring and summer - and we’re betting you’ll love it just as much. If you want a porch or yard you can enjoy 12 months out of the year, get in touch with the folks at Garrett’s Landscaping