How to Enjoy Your Lawn and Yard During Summer

How to Enjoy Your Lawn and Yard During Summer

Asheville and Hendersonville are known as outdoor cities. Even when it is hot here in western North Carolina, the temperature is still often five to ten degrees cooler than our neighbors in Charlotte and Greenville, with considerably less humidity. Homeowners in Buncombe and Henderson Counties can utilize their lawns and yards throughout the summer, so while the heat is on, in this article we are discussing eight ways to enjoy your lawn and yard even when the temperature sores. 


1) Make Sure Your Lawn is Well Maintained

If it’s hot out and the weeds have taken over your lawn, you may be a lot less inclined toward enjoying your outdoor space. To get the most out of your lawn during summer, Garret’s Landscape can help. Our lawn maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawn turf seeding
  • Professional installed lawn irrigation
  • Lawn aeration
  • Leaf removal
  • Mulch pine needles to keep weeds at bay
  • Strom clean up

A luscious lawn that feels good underfoot is something that can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

2) Get Outside in the Cool of the Day

When the mercury does climb beyond 90-degrees, the kids might even be begging to stay inside. As much as possible, get outside in the morning hours, before the sun is high. By late afternoon, our high elevation combined with the lower angle of the sun will take the edge off the heat. Temperatures rarely stay above 70-degrees in the mountains, so let the kids play till bedtime while you relax.

3) Create an Awesome Outdoor Living Space

Turn your yard into space you will want to enjoy all year. We help homeowners design and install the perfect outdoor living space. Your space may include:

  • Outdoor kitchen and appliances
  • Comfortable seating
  • Ornate fire pits
  • Peaceful water features
  • Shading and fans to help keep cool
  • Places to install entertainment systems

Your outdoor living space can help manufacture shade and other cooling devices, so you can enjoy your lawn and yard while your children or grandchildren are playing in the sun or pool.

4) Go Backyard Camping 

Tent camping is a favorite pastime of residents in Asheville and Hendersonville. However, with millions of tourists visiting the area each summer, campgrounds can get busy during summer. If you have a lawn and yard in western North Carolina, you have a great place to go camping. Hang your hammock or pitch a tent, build a campfire or use your professionally installed firepit, but whatever you do, get outside and have fun.

5) Install a Paver Patio

Bring your patio space to life with a combination of stone and brick pavers. The natural appeal of patio pavers helps make your lawn and yard integrate with the beauty of our area. If you are ready to upgrade your patio space, Garret’s Landscape can help.

6) Install Landscape Lighting

Sometimes the best time of day to be outside from June through September. Installing landscape lights provides hours more lawn and yard enjoyment during the summer. Additionally, landscape lighting will make your home and property more secure.

7) Host a Movie Night

All you need is to hand a blank white sheet like a screen and rent or purchase a projector and you can host an outdoor movie night. Make too much buttery popcorn, invite the neighbors, and use your yard for a unique activity that will surely be a hit in the neighborhood.

The key to enjoying your yard in any season is establishing it as the beautiful space it is meant to be. Garrett’s Landscape has decades of experience helping make lawns and yards spaces to enjoy throughout the Hendersonville and Asheville areas. For information about our landscape design, installation, and maintenance services, give us a call.