clearing landPreparing your property for the next steps of your project, whether building homes or mitigating wildfire risk, is essential. Strategic land clearing paves the way forward. Garrett’s Landscape & Grading is Greenville, South Carolina’s most trusted land clearing experts. We’ll set you up for success.

The Best Time to Clear Land in Greenville, South Carolina

Hands down, winter is the best time to clear land in the Greenville region. In spring and summer, we receive a great deal of precipitation, and the warmer ground is soft and muddy. The cold temperatures of winter allow the ground to harden, making it possible to access areas with heavy equipment. In many cases, this is just not feasible in the warmer months - and you risk damaging the land (and the equipment!).

Winter also has lower levels of precipitation and runoff; this ensures that we minimize disruption to the soil. At Garrett’s Landscape & Grading, we make every effort to protect your property and mitigate impact.

Clearing your land in the winter allows you to get ready for spring; you’ll be able to get right to work on the next phase of your project.

Land Clearing Benefits

Land clearing is not clear-cutting. The Garrett’s team has extensive experience in conscientious and strategic clearing: we are able to remove dangers (e.g. dead trees) in order to improve the safety and environmental quality of the land. Beneficial native trees, plant life, and wildlife are allowed to flourish, while invasive species and fire hazards are removed.

Land clearing can be beneficial to the environment; it also makes your property more usable, accessible, safe, and valuable.

We are passionate about helping residents, businesses, municipalities, and others reveal the true potential of their property. Contact Garrett’s Landscape & Grading to learn more about winter land clearing in Greenville. Let’s get ready for spring!