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Landscape Design

Landscaping design services include professional landscaping design, plant selection, installation, maintenance and grading. Whether your goal is a beautiful, low-maintenance design or a custom garden that reflects your specific tastes, Garrett's Landscape offers professional advice and design services.

hardscapingGarrett's Landscape offers a wide variety of landscaping and hardscaping options to create the perfect design for your project. Among the design elements we offer:

Paver Patios 

Patio spaces can create comfortable living spaces within and added dimension to your landscaping design. The natural appeal of stone and brick pavers creates visual interest and allows water to drain into the soil more efficiently than cement or asphalt slabs. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces incorporate a wide variety of materials to create welcoming, functional spaces. Outdoor living spaces can include an outdoor kitchen space, fire pits, seating and water features as options.

Water Features & Natural Pools

Water features can include waterfalls and ponds to create naturally soothing sounds. Whether the water feature is a water fountain, urn, babbling brook or pond, Garrett's Landscape can incorporate the best water feature elements in the landscaping design of your project.

Garrett's Landscape also offers 'pondless' water features, which gives the feel and sound of water without the reservoir. Pondless water features are designed so water falls onto gravel, where it is collected and recycled to the top of the feature.

Landscape Installation

Garrett's Landscape prides itself on professional, respectful landscape installation experts. Our goal is to provide a beautiful and unique landscape for your home or business.

Finish Grading 

Grading involves changing the slope or leveling out lawns, either for drainage or to create specific uses. Finish grading is the foundation of a great lawn. It shapes and prepares the base for seed or sod. Garrett's Landscaping provides finish grading services to create a smooth foundation on which to build your beautiful new lawn.

Drainage & Water Harvesting

Conventional drainage involves getting water away from a home as fast as possible. However a properly designed drainage system can also allow you to harvest that water for use in your landscaping. Water harvesting can include terraces, ponds and dry creek beds. 

Erosion Control

Proper drainage from a property is essential to maintaining healthy soil. Quickly draining water can create erosion issues that not only affect the home and lawn but surrounding streams and rivers. Garrett's Landscape offers professional erosion control design services to properly move water on a property without removing valuable sediment and nutrients.

Retaining Walls & Boulder Walls

Retaining walls are often used to hold back earth, creating more usable space in an otherwise irregularly sloped area. In addition to creating more usable space, retaining walls can be designed as a decorative element in your overall landscaping design. Retaining walls are made of modular blocks, creating a structurally consistent hardscaping option in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Boulder walls are one of the oldest and longest-lasting types of retaining walls. Built using large boulders, boulder walls offer a natural, rustic design element that is incredibly strong. Boulder walls are typically shorter than conventional retaining walls, due to the irregular sizes of the boulders. 

Landscape Lighting

Give your landscape design its final polish with landscape lighting. Not only is landscape lighting used to highlight specific landscape features to increase curb appeal, landscape lighting can also be used to increase the safety and security of your home. Well-lit homes are less desirable targets for criminals.


Lawn Maintenance

lawn maintenance Garrett's Landscape not only specializes in landscape design and installation, but can also help you maintain your lawn through annual services intended to cultivate the healthiest turf.


Take the hassle out of maintaining your lawn turf with a professionally-installed irrigation system. Irrigation systems can include rain sensors and are installed so they water only grass and plants -- not sidewalks or roads. Irrigation system controls can also be set up to water in zones, as well as water on a specific schedule. Garrett's Landscape can also winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage in cold weather.


Aeration in the fall allows much-needed water and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the soil, allowing turf grass roots to thrive. Deeper roots make for hardier grass, which in turn creates a lush, green yard to enjoy.

Leaf Removal

Garrett's Landscape offers leaf removal to maintain the beauty and curb appeal of your lawn. 

Mulch Pine Needles 

Keep weeds at bay in your plant beds with pine needles. Garrett's Landscape mulches and edges plant beds with the highest quality pine needles to nurture plants over the winter and keep pesky weeds from taking root.

Storm Cleanup 

Wind and rain can cause tremendous damage to trees and landscapes. Garrett's Landscape offers storm cleanup services so you won't be stuck with the task of removing debris after a storm.

Snow Removal

Garrett's Landscape provides reliable snow services in a timely manner. We plan ahead of winter storms, communicating with our clients well in advance. Our snow removal services can include plowing, as well as ice melt applications.